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Why does Pricing Vary in the Permanent Makeup Industry?

If you've been researching permanent makeup / microblading, you will notice prices vary...sometimes significantly.  Keep in mind, prices (high or low) do not always reflect quality of work OR experience of your technician.  There's a huge learning curve in the permanent makeup industry, and it's important that you do your research and know exactly what you're paying for. 


Many brand new permanent makeup artists start within the industry offering very low prices so they can gain experience and build a portfolio.  Do you want someone practicing on your face through trial and error, or would you rather have a professional with many years of experience, a great reputation, countless raving customer reviews, and amazing before/afters working on you?

On the flip side, you will see extremely high prices.  This doesn't always mean the artist has more experience or that they are better than anyone else in the industry.  This is why it's important to ask questions:  How many years of experience do you have?  Look at multiple before/after photos.  Ask to see HEALED results (not just immediately after results).  Ask about their continuing education.  Ask to read client reviews.  Ask to speak to client references.  

DO NOT choose an artist simply based on prices.  We receive messages daily asking us to fix their work that was done by another artist.  Sometimes it's fixable, sometimes it's not.  Don't spend MORE money trying to fix your work because you chose the lowest (or highest) priced artist without doing your research first.

At The Leopard Lily, we Pride ourselves in Natural Looking, Quality work...and Happy Clients

At The Leopard Lily, we pride ourselves in the most natural looking, quality permanent makeup.  We listen to what our clients want, and we spend extra time with each client to make sure they are relaxed, comfortable, and in love with their results.  We have been in business exclusively doing permanent makeup since 2000.  We been blessed with the best clients, and we are honored to have such a great reputation (and reviews) in Spring Hill, FL and Cape Coral, FL.  You can check out our client reviews and the most updated client before & after photos on our Facebook page and Google.


We invest in continuing education often so we continue to be experts in our industry.  We use quality pigments, fully disposable needles, and we take health and safety standards very seriously to keep our clients safe.


And, our prices are not the lowest in our industry, but they are also not the highest.  We keep our prices fair and affordable for the type of services, the quality of our work, our expertise, and the customer service we provide.


Our Cape Coral, FL location is also certified to accept Care Credit - 0% interest for 6 months promotional financing. *More info below.

Our Cape Coral location offers 0% interest for 6 months Payment Plans - scroll down for info.


How can I Qualify for 0% interest for 6 Months Promotional Financing Payment Plans?

Our Cape Coral,FL location is now certified to accept Care Credit.  This allows our clients to pay on a payment plan.  Care Credit is a medical credit care that offers 0% Promotional Financing for 6 months for those who qualify.  Minimum monthly payments are required.  Interest will be charged if payments are not paid off within the 6  month promotional period.

It's very simple to apply - it takes about 2 minutes, and approval is instant for those who qualify.  Go to: to apply.

**Care Credit is ONLY offered at the Cape Coral, FL location.  

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