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  • What is Permanent Makeup?
    Permanent Makeup is a natural, soft tattoo technique that implants color (pigment) using needle configurations, underneath the skin in the eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip areas making the features appear more vibrant, defined, and symmetrical. This color underneath the skin is considered “permanent”, but it does fade over time for various reasons. There are different permanent makeup application methods: machine, microblading, and the manual (hand) method. All application methods are great IF you choose an artist who specializes in each method. Let’s discuss the differences: Machine Method: The machine method uses needle configurations and electricity to tap the color into the skin. Hairstoke brows, powder brows, eyeliner, and lip color procedures can be achieved with this method. Parts of the machine need to be sterilized in an autoclave, so make sure you choose an artist who takes health and safety very seriously. Lasts approx 1-3 years. Microblading: Microblading uses a hand tool that blades the color into the skin in hair-like strokes within shallow "paper cuts”. Then, these cuts are filled with as much pigment as they will hold. All tools are pre-sterilized and fully disposable. Not everyone is a good candidate for microblading. Microblading heals best on dry or dry/combo skin. Hair-like strokes blur, become powdery, or fade out completely on oily skin. Since there is a huge learning curve with microblading, make sure you choose an experienced artist who can provide healed photos so you don’t risk healing without any color (too shallow application) or gray/blue results (too deep application) or scarring. Lasts approx 1-2 years. Manual Method: Similar to a machine, the manual method taps color into the skin by hand (instead of electricity). Hairstoke brows, powder brows, eyeliner, and lip color procedures can be achieved with this method. All tools are pre-sterilized and fully disposable. Always make sure you do your research and choose an experienced artist for best results. Lasts approx 1-3 years. **At The Leopard Lily, we use the manual method (microtapped hairstrokes, powder brows, eyeliner, and lip color procedures) as well as microblading.
  • How long does permanent makeup last?
    Microblading lasts approx 1-2 years. Machine and manual work last approx 1-3 years.
  • What can fade my permanent makeup?
    Sun exposure (with or without sunscreen), anti-aging/acne skin products (these exfoliate the skin), chlorine, chemical peels, facials, medications that thin the skin, iron deficiency, and autoimmune diseases.
  • Who is a candidate for permanent makeup?
    Many clients lose their brow hair from excessive tweezing, waxing, previous cancer treatments, or alopecia may benefit from adding color to the brow area (hairstroke brows or powder brows). Client’s who want their brows to be more symmetrical (sisters instead of distant cousins). Clients who want the freedom of not having to apply eyeliner, clients who water off their eyeliner, who have eyeliner allergies, or sweat off their eyeliner. Clients who desire the look of more color, symmetry, and/or slight fullness to their lips.
  • Why are regular tattoos permanent, but permanent makeup fades over time?"
    The skin on the body is much thicker than the skin on the face. Facial skin is closer to our vascular system. For this reason, permanent makeup should be implanted more shallow than a regular tattoo to avoid the healed results turning blue, gray, or purple. An experienced artist should be very experienced in color theory and depth of pigment application to avoid this happening.
  • What is the maintenance for permanent makeup?
    After your initial procedure, we offer a complimentary 8 week touch up (we extend this touch up to 5 months for our out of state traveling clients). We recommend waiting over a year (between 1-3 years) before your first color refresh session to add color to your brows. No sooner than one year.
  • Clients who are NOT eligible:
    Women who are pregnant Clients who are very keloid prone Clients who are currently using accutane Clients who are currently receiving chemotherapy Clients with severe rosacea outbreaks Clients with uncontrolled diabetes Clients with sunburned skin or extremely over-tanned skin Clients must wait 3 weeks before OR after botox Clients must be off of retinols for at least 1 week Clients must wait 1 month after chemical peel or laser Clients with oily skin heal best with a powder brow procedure (hairstrokes blur under the skin for those with oily skin) Clients must be off of lash growing serums for 2+ months before an eyeliner procedure Clients who have ever had one or more fever blisters in the past must be on an anti-viral medication before/after a lip color procedure Clients must check their brow area for dry skin/flakiness/or pink spots before coming in for a brow procedure
  • Does permanent makeup / microblading hurt?
    Each client is different and has a different tolerance for pain. At The Leopard Lily, we use a topical numbing cream during the procedure. Most of our clients say the template feels like the sensation of tweezing a couple of hairs (5 min per brow). Then, the numbing is applied, and they feel little to nothing after that. We do our best to keep each client as comfortable as possible.
  • What if I don’t like the way it turns out?
    We spend 30-60 minutes (or longer) consulting, drawing, shaping, measuring, and discussing color choice before each procedure. We make sure it is exactly what you want before moving forward with the procedure. We will make sure you are happy with your healed results.
  • What can I expect the day of the procedure?
    You will come into the studio and fill out paperwork (unless you printed the paperwork to fill out at home). We will spend the first hour discussing what you do like/don’t like, looking at photos, and figuring out your goal. If you don’t know, we will help you. We will “brow map” (draw, shape, and measure) to find where your brows should structurally be placed on your face. We will talk about your preferences. You will approve your brow design. We will do a quick 5min template around the drawing (this part feels like the sensation of tweezing a couple of hairs). We will numb the area. Then, the procedure takes approx an hour and 1/2 (majority of our clients feel little to no pain at this point).
  • What is the aftercare?
    We will provide all of the aftercare supplies you need in an aftercare kit. Day 1, you will wipe the area with water wipes. Days 2-10, you will wash 2x per day with the soap we provide and apply the ointment we provide 2-4x per day. During this time, you will avoid sun exposure, swimming, sweating, working out, and also avoid picking/peeling them for 7-10 days.
  • What can I expect during healing?
    Day of Procedure: The procedure area will appear dark when you leave - some clients love this part, and some are excited to see the softer, more natural looking results within a week. Days 2-4: Too dark! And, possibly too thick (depends on how much swelling you experience - swelling is usually minimal). Days 5-7: Too Light! As they start to peel (resist the urge to pick!), they may appear very light. Some clients experience the light phase, some do not. Itchiness is also normal as the brows heal. Day 7+: Just right! Once brows are completely peeled, the color will look softer and more natural. A complimentary touch up is included within 8 weeks to fill in any areas that may heal a bit lighter or to darken the procedure area (we extend this touch up to 5 months for our traveling clients). This touch up is complimentary and is not always needed.
  • How much does permanent makeup cost?
    You may find our current pricing list HERE.
  • Which type of Brow Procedure would be best for me?
    Click here to read about the different types of brow procedures. We will also help you make a decision based on your skin type, lifestyle, and brow goal.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    All of our procedures include an hour long extensive consultation (chatting about what you do like/don’t like, drawing, shaping, measuring, and approving brow, eyeliner, or lip color design). Quick consults are also available if you’re not sure if you want a procedure done. Click here to schedule an appointment.
  • Do I need a Consultation before scheduling a procedure appointment?
    If you are scheduling an eyeliner procedure, a lip procedure, or if you've had previous work done by another artist in the past, a consultation is recommended. If you're not sure you want a procedure done, or if you would like to come in and meet Lindsey or Cindy and/or see the facility, you may schedule a seperate consultation. Each new brow procedure begins with an hour long consultation. During this hour, we discuss what you like and dislike, and we also discuss which procedure would be best suited for your skin type and desired results. Then, we draw, shape, and measure the brows, and you approve your brow design before we begin. We look at photos and discuss color choice. If you know you'd like the procedure done the same day, a separate consultation is not recommended. Most clients choose to do the procedure the same day. Free 30 minute consultations are available - these consultations do not include a drawing session. 1 hour consultations are available for $50 - during our 1 hour consultations, we draw, shape, and measure the brows.
  • Do you offer corrective work or removal on other technician’s previous work?
    We take on corrective work and permanent makeup removal on a situational basis. Please text photos so we can see your work. We may also require a consultation to see you in person before deciding. Please text photos to our Spring Hill location - 352-398-5490 OR Cape Coral Location - 352-650-5450.
  • How much do you charge to “touch up” work that was done by another artist?
    Click here to view pricing
  • What should I look for when choosing the right artist?
    We have many people from all over the US (and some out of the country) who follow our Facebook page and reach out asking for an artist recommendation in their area. While, we do not always know artists in these areas, we can give tips to help you choose an artist if traveling to us is not an option for you. 1- Make sure your artist has adequate experience, specializing in permanent makeup. For me, (now, 15yrs into being a permanent makeup artist) I feel like my first 3 years in the business taught me SO much: different skin types, how they heal, color theory and how each color heals on different skin types, etc. Permanent Makeup may look easy on YouTube, but their is an art and science behind it. So, make sure your artist is seasoned and confident. 2- Read reviews that are specific to permanent makeup. Many artists perform other services: nails, skincare, hair, etc. Make sure their reviews are from happy clients who have had permanent makeup. 3- Ask to view before & after photos - and, a lot of them!!! An experienced artist should have many before and afters of their own work to share with you. 4- One of the most important tips I can give you: ask to view HEALED photos; not just immediately after photos. You want to know how their work heals. An experienced artist should have many beautiful healed photos to share. 5- Make sure your artist has taken a blood borne pathogen course and takes health and safety standards seriously. Working out of a nail salon, overtop of carpet, without gloves on, or using a neck pillow that is not wrapped with barrier plastic is unacceptable. 6- Make sure your artist is a licensed tattoo artist in your state who also has a business establishment permit (meaning their place of business is suitable for permanent makeup application) and biomedical waste permit (meaning they have a professional legally dispose of their needles and biomedical waste products).
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