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Do you Need a "Touch Up" on Another Artist's work?

Over the years, permanent makeup can fade due to many reasons:  Sun exposure, acne skin products, anti-aging skin products, chemical peels, facials, medications that thin the skin, etc.


We receive messages often, "I had my eyebrows microbladed 2 years ago by (insert another technician's name).  How much is a 'touch up'?".


What many people may not that a touch up is a REDO.  Sometimes, it's a correction.  It's not as simple as "covering up the artist's old work".  "Touch ups" take just as much time, work, and supplies (if not more) than starting from scratch on a brand new client.  When we start a procedure from scratch, we have full reign on brow mapping and properly shaping your brows.

 We can choose the exact color we know is best for you.  We know the skin is healthy, and there is no scarring underneath the skin due to your old artist implanting color too deeply. 

When we work on other artist's old work, we don't know their technique, the brand of pigments or the colors they used, and we have to work with the brow shape they chose for you.  It is not our original work.  Often times, working on another artist's old work is much trickier.  Brow mapping and shaping takes more time (if there's assymmetry and/or poor shaping), color matching can be difficult (but possible), and if there is scarring involved, the skin may feel tough making it more challenging to implant new color into the skin.


And, the truth is...we are PICKY, and we like each procedure to look our very best.


So, the short answer is:  "Touch ups" are not offered at a discounted price as they take as much time and work (if not more) as a brand new procedure.  And, the same amount of supplies too.  Click here to view our Price List.


We will always ask for a photo of your current work (in good lighting) to make sure it's work we are able to work overtop of.  So, if you have current work done by another artist, please send a photo our way.  If your brows are very saturated with color currently and/or they are asymmetrical or not aesthetically pleasing, it's not work we are able to work overtop of in order to provide our best work (example below).


If you are one of our existing clients, and you need a color refresh session, we have a customer loyalty program so your future procedures are discounted on our original work.

**Example (above) of work we are NOT able to work overtop of: 

Solid, highly saturated (with color) brows-  Brows are like a cup of water.  They will only hold so much pigment.  When brows are this heavily saturated with pigment, the new pigment will not hold.  Adding color and/or trying to fix symmetry on a brow like this will not heal properly.  In this case, it's best to let the brows continue to fade or seek removal before having them done permanently again.

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