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What should I look for when choosing the right artist?


We have many people from all over the US (and some out of the country) who follow our Facebook page and reach out asking for an artist recommendation in their area.


While, we do not always know artists in these areas, we can give tips to help you choose an artist if traveling to us is not an option for you.


1- Make sure your artist has adequate experience, specializing in permanent makeup. For me, (now, 15yrs into being a permanent makeup artist) I feel like my first 3 years in the business taught me SO much: different skin types, how they heal, color theory and how each color heals on different skin types, etc. Permanent Makeup may look easy on YouTube, but their is an art and science behind it. So, make sure your artist is seasoned and confident.


2- Read reviews that are specific to permanent makeup. Many artists perform other services: nails, skincare, hair, etc. Make sure their reviews are from happy clients who have had permanent makeup.


3- Ask to view before & after photos - and, a lot of them!!! An experienced artist should have many before and afters of their own work to share with you.


4- One of the most important tips I can give you: ask to view HEALED photos; not just immediately after photos. You want to know how their work heals. An experienced artist should have many beautiful healed photos to share.


5- Ask how many clients your artist works on per week/month.  The more, the better!!  Practice makes perfect, so you want to find an artist who works on many clients (yet still spends adaquate time and care on each) - many artists offer microblading but only work on 1-2 clients per week or month.  Sometimes it’s better to wait for an appointment with an experienced artist rather than one who can squeeze you into their schedule immediately.


6- Speaking of adaquate time and care:  What does your procedure include?  
At The Leopard Lily, an initial brow procedure is approx 3 hours long.  We spend time consulting with each client - drawing, shaping, and measuring - you will be able to approve your brow design before we start your procedure.  We spend time numbing the procedure area. A complimentary touch up within 8 weeks is included. And, an aftercare kit with all instructions and aftercare supplies are included as well.  We go the extra mile to make sure our clients receive the best care and results.


7- Make sure your artist has taken a blood borne pathogen course and takes health and safety standards seriously.  Working out of a nail salon, overtop of carpet, without gloves on, or using a neck pillow that is not wrapped with barrier plastic is unacceptable.


8- Make sure your artist is a licensed tattoo artist in your state who also has a business establishment permit (meaning their place of business is suitable for permanent makeup application) and biomedical waste permit (meaning they have a professional legally dispose of their needles and biomedical waste products).

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