Which Type of Brow Procedure is Best for Me?


Hairstroke Brows (Microblading / Microtapping) 
Hairstroke Brows heal best on clients with dry skin (the strokes heal more crisp).  A hairstroke brow is best for clients who don’t pencil or powder in their brows and/or who are looking for a natural (sometimes almost barely-there) type of look.  Hairstrokes-only blend best with sparse, thin, fine brow hair.  If a client is used to seeing solid pencil/powder in their brows daily, they will more than likely feel compelled to pencil “between the Hairstrokes” after healing because solid pencil is what they are used to seeing daily - this is when shading/powder is recommended.

Hairstrokes + Shading

Hairstrokes + Shading heal best on clients with dry/combination skin.  Hairstrokes + shading is best for clients who love a natural, hairstroke look- but want a more “polished” type of look.  This option may not be a filled-in enough look for a client who is used to penciling/powdering their brows daily.  Hairstrokes + Shading blends best with sparse or slightly dense hair.

Powder Brows 
Powder Brows heal best on all skin types- dry, oily, combination.  Powder brows are best for clients who pencil/powder in their brows daily, clients who need sparse areas of their natural hair filled in, and/or clients with dense patches of hair.  Powder brows can be done very bold or super soft depending on the color chosen and how much the color is layered into the skin.


Ombré Powder Brows 

Ombre Powder Brows are similar to Powder Brows but a bit softer.  Ombré Powder brows are lighter at the start of the brow (closest to nose) and around some of the brow edges.  Definition may or may not be added from arch to tail for a touch of boldness.

Your artist will ask questions and help you decide which brow technique is best for you depending on your skin type, your brow hair type, and the look you’re used to seeing daily.  


If hairstroke brows are your chosen technique, changing to a shaded or powder brow during your 8 week retouch session will be an additional charge as it is a different procedure.

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